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Newgrounds Radio Player (free download)

2011-11-26 17:13:26 by The-Chosen1

The Newgrounds Music Player (also known als Newgrounds Radio Player) allows you to download and play Newgrounds songs from the NG Audioportal. The NG Music Players has many features like mixing different genres (e.g dubstep, dance and hip-Hop)
There are altogether over 35 genres. The NG Radioplayer works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Linux (using Wine). The included Update manager will keep you up-to-date. You can free download Newgrounds Music Player 1.36 now.

- search Newgrounds music by genre
- mix several genres
- random playback
- download your favourite songs to your computer
- access your Newgrounds favourites
- listen to the favourite songs of your friends
- create your own playlists and export / import them
- control the music playback via hotkeys
(the player will minimize to tray)
- get automatic updates
- install your own plugins
- etc..

Download: sic-player.html
Blog (support):
11/07/newgrounds-music-player-download /

Newgrounds Radio Player (free download)

The Newgrounds Radioplayer Is back!

2011-10-10 08:37:34 by The-Chosen1

Hey there,
finally theres a new Newgrounds Music Player update :)
Get more information about the changes here: dioplayer-updates.html

New Download page: sic-player.html

Check this out!

2011-09-05 19:37:13 by The-Chosen1

Hey guys check out my newest Video: 67rw

Please subscribe to my channel(s) if you want more of this kind^^

New single out now!

2011-08-27 19:09:11 by The-Chosen1

Hey Guys
I've just recorded a new song :)
I'll also post this on Newgrounds but I'd like to hear what you think ;)
If you like it please suscribe to my channel or thumb up my video :)

I'm back :)

2011-08-26 06:53:29 by The-Chosen1

Hey there,
Finally I found some time to get back to Newgrounds ;)
Also I'd like to say sorry because I haven't replied to all those messages via NG regarding the Newgrounds Radio Player.
I'm planning to reupload the the Newgrounds Radioplayer and the Website (bplaced deleted my Account because there weren't enough visitors :()
If you don't want to wait please write me your E-mail adress and i'll send you the newgrounds radioplayer via E-Mail.
Currently I'm working on several Projects but I'll also try to make my promises true and improve the radioplayer ;) Also I've started a new Youtube Downloader, which will download all videos of an specific Artist and convert them, if you enter the Name on a whishlist. But I stopped developing because there wasn't enough request and feedback. In case you want me to resume this Project please tell me that.
Oh and finally I have a new Youtube channel I'll also upload the Songs I'm publishing there on NG but thats second-rate right now.

Just something

2011-01-15 17:13:39 by The-Chosen1

I just realized that I haven't submitted or posted anything for a really long time ;)
That's why I submitted the included picture. It's just an little experiment but maybe you like it :D

Btw. my NG radioplayer is now over a year in the final beta because I still don't have enough testers:
If you are interested or just wan't to help please read my previous posts and download the beta here:

Just something

Newgrounds radioplayer Beta

2010-05-12 15:28:38 by The-Chosen1

EDIT (9/9/10): Theres an newer Version (I compleded It a few minutes ago). It's not online yet, so please come back tomorrow for the newer version or PM me and I'll send it to you :)

Hey guys, would you like to test the new NG radioplayer beta?
Check it out here:

Whats new:
*The playlist function
*The Hotkey function
*Individual styles
*You are able to acces your favourite Songs
*You are able to deactivate the Updater
*Added - Settings menu
*Im & Export
*Listen to Radiogrounds
*Create your own playlists
and much more...

NG BBS-Post: 62360/2

I need to create a little help file and a changelog with pictures. I also need to correct some spelling mistakes. I need to add the Tray-Icon, too. Then I'll upload the final version. So I'd pleased if you want to help me create a help file or something. :)

Newgrounds radioplayer Beta

Last minute Suggestions

2010-03-29 16:56:03 by The-Chosen1

The new newgrounsd radioplayer is stimm in testing. The Beta of the final version will be out soon.
So it's your turn!
What new:
*A hotkey function
*Individual Styles
*Playlist function
*Listen to radiogrounds, too
*Some bugfixes
*Even more options to customate the NG radioplayer (there will be an "options dialog")
*Faster startup
*You'll be able to minimize the Application to the tray (only if you like that idea)
*You'll be able to mix some genres (only if you like that idea, too)

Anymore suggestions for the Beta?
Please let me know!

For those who are not confirm with the NG radio player yet:

I think I'll publish the beta at the end of this week (4, April)
So please let me know your suggestions till then ;)

If you find Grammar spellings or some other Errors please let me know, so i can fix them ;)

Last minute Suggestions

New NG radioplayer

2010-03-16 13:42:49 by The-Chosen1

Well guys, the new Newgrounds radioplayer will be out soon ;)
You don't know the NG radioplayer yet: /post/443576

I'm starting to search beta-testers please PM me
There will be some bugfixes...
The playlist will be included
There will we a hotkeys ;)
You'll be able to minimize the player to the tray, too.

Now it's your turn
D'you have any more suggestions? Or have you detected some bugs? Please let me know ;)

Im dissapointed there are less than 5 people using this program :(

So please get on your feets and help me making this program popular:
*Tell your friends about this program
*Twitter the download link
*Share this program on Stumble upon / Digg this / Delicious...:
Digg it / Download it here:
I'm thanking everyone who supports me ;)
*Use my NG radioplayer Banner (PM me)

There are much more things you could do, to help me :P: /post/443576

New NG radioplayer

Newgrounds music player 0.9.3b

2010-03-04 10:30:08 by The-Chosen1

[EDIT] The Newgrounds Music Player has been down for nearly a year, but its finally back! ( usic-player.html)

You are not familar with the newgrounds musicplayer? /post/443576

Hey guys... I finally wrote a stable version of the newgrounds radioplayer ;)
(In case you already have my program -> Use the included update manager ;))

Whats new?
I haven't published the versions 0.9.1b, 0.9.2a and 0.9.2b so there are much new features and lots of bugfixes ;)

*The portable version has its own updatemanager now.
*Update-bugfix in both versions
*You are able to cancel the updates.
*Faster updates
*Check for internet connection on startup
*Faster update manager
*Faster startup
*Search-progressbar added
*You can change the amount of results now.
*Start from random page added
*Connection error added instead of "Socket Error"
*Plays next song, when the current song ends
*Start menu icon should work now
*Resume button added
*No "Divide by 0" error if you doubleclick on the playlist
*Search-speed improvement
*Programm won't spam you on error
*Pause button added
*Some minor bugfixes
*"Start from Page" added

Download (Updated) sic-player.html

You don't trust me? - Virus check:
d5c97a36b18b5121d7ef61442d7140eb20d83a 95c9dd9786307f522c69a36059-1267716511

You want to help me?
*Help me, to make this program more popular (If theres nobody really interested in this program, I won't add the playlist / log in etc. function)
Some ideas how to make this program more polular: Tell your friends about this programm; Post a message on your site; Add it on "Digg this" "Stumble Upon" etc...
*Test this program and tell me what you think.
*Test it on different systems. (e.g windows 7 64bit)
*Just write me an E-mail, so I'm able to count how many people are using my program ;)
*Help me to remove spelling / grammar mistakes ;)

Legally Stuff ;):
This program is still a Beta version. But its stable now and much faster now.
I couldn't detect problems on the systems I tested my program on.
Although: Use at own risk!

Newgrounds music player 0.9.3b